Kasia - portrait


Kasia Wiercinska is an artist specializing in the watercolor technique. Her passion for art bloomed in early childhood and has steadily grown over the years. Her work is characterized by the portrayal of captured memories, fleeting moods, and a deep love for colour transitions and light.

The artist pursued professional training in watercolour painting during her residency in New Zealand in years 2019 - 2020. Before that, she graduated from architectural studies, where she acquired a solid foundation in drawing, painting, and creative thinking, which became the basis for her further development.

She exhibited her artworks and gave tutoring to many art enthusiasts around the world, including Norway, New Zealand, Italy, Poland, England, USA, France and Vietnam.

Currently residing in Oslo, Norway, Kasia Wiercinska continues her artistic journey and actively contributes to the local artistic community. She is widely appreciated as a watercolour instructor, conducting workshops for both beginners and advanced artists. She is also a leader of Norway for international watercolour festival “Fabriano in Acquarello” in Italy, one of the admins of Urban Sketchers Oslo, and a founder of Akvarell Atelier - centre for watercolour art in Oslo.

The artist frequently draws inspiration from the surrounding landscapes, with a focus on capturing the atmosphere and mood, encapsulating ephemeral moments, memories, and dreams. Each artwork carries a unique story, memory, or dream. According to the artist, a painting is meant to represent the world that we remember or desire to remember, reflecting what we felt, heard, or experienced in a particular place and time.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to learn more about art workshops, inquire about purchasing original paintings or prints, or discuss commissions.

IG: @kasia_wiercinska
Fb: @KasiaWiercinskaArt

Past exhibitions:

• from 09.2022 part of a permanent collection of Galleri 1845, Fredrikstad, Norway
• 02.09 - 24.02.2023 Group exhibition in Galleri Akvarellen in Lommedalen, Norway. Artists exhibiting: Laila G. Engebretsen, Britt S. Lønaas, Sonia Vinograd Guidotti and Heidi Solberg
• 07 - 13.10.2023 Internation group exhibition "The Colours Reunion", 29 Hang Bai, Hanoi, Vietnam
• 28.10 - 19.11.2023 "Hidden Norway" watercolour exhibition with an artist Sonia Vinograd, Galleri Tøihuset, Fredrikstad, Norway
• 22.04-07.2023 international watercolor exhibition "Fabriano In Acquarello 2023", Bologna/Fabriano, Italy
• 02.06 - 13.08.2023 solo exhibition "Tarnowskie Góry in watercolour" Nakło Śląskie, Poland Click here for more details
• 14.01-28.01.2023 SEEN, Via Showcase, Oslo
• 22.10-18.12.2023 Pop up Art Exhibition, Via Showcase, Oslo, Norway
• 24.09-09.10.2022 Autumn Exhibition Høstutstillingen, Galleri 1845, Fredrikstad, Norway
• 10-25.09.2022 International Exhibition “Be Free”, Vulkan Showcase, Oslo, Norway
• 12-20.05.2022 International Watercolour Exhibition “Fabriano In Acquarello 2022”, Fabriano, Italy
• 03-04.2022 International Watercolour Exhibition "Global Art Connection Watercolor Exposition France - Poland 2022" Albi, France
• 04.2021 Christchurch Art Show, Christchurch, New Zealand
• 09.2020 Annual Exhibition of Watercolour New Zealand "Splash 2020", Wellington Academy of Arts, Wellington, New Zealand
• 09.2020 Exhibition Cashmere Primary, Christchurch, New Zealand
• 11.2020 Juried Exhibition, Brick Mill, Waikuku, New Zealand
• 09.2019 Group Art Show, Pumanawa Art Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand
• 09.2019 Pegasus Art Show, Pegasus, New Zealand

Private collections:

My artworks can be found in private collections in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, China and USA.
The biggest collections:
• Kira Hill, Dr.Hill Advanced Beauty Centre, Wellington New Zealand
• B-18 Studios, Christchurch New Zealand
• Sam Paterson, The Drawing Room, Christchurch New Zealand


• Finalist title in the International Juried Competition "Women in Watercolor 2023" for an artwork "Game of temperature and textures"
• Top 50 recognition award during an exhibition "Global Art Connection Watercolor Exposition France - Poland 2022" for the painitng "Power of the ocean" 01.2022
• Second place in a competition organised by Watercolour New Zealand "Summer Watercolour Competition 2020" for the painting "Windsurfing on waves" 01.2020
• Merit Award on Annual Exhibition of Watercolour New Zealand "Splash 2020", Wellington Academy of Arts, Wellington, New Zealand for the painitng "Walking on a beach" 09.2020


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